What to do if I have been scammed by russian woman?

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WHAT TO DO IF SCAMMED BY A RUSSIAN WOMANFor many internet users, online dating is a large business industry and also, it is also a big turn on. This also makes online dating a high potential for dating scam. Normally, predators choose a place where there prey is many and where the place is big. The bigger the place the better the possibility for fraud to become successful. Looking for your life partner online is very much like any other search such as a search for a new mobile phone, a house, a second-hand car or anything similar. They have a common point in one simple yet important detail: there will always be someone who will try taking your wallet from you.
Let's being by pulling out what scam is from the dictionary to get the exact meaning according to Webster.

NOUN: a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation


1: to obtain (as money) by a scam

2: defraud, deceive

For most people who are aware of the possibility of dating scam online, the first possible place that comes to their mind is Russia. Even though it is true that many dating scam artist has their origin in Russia and its neighboring countries, yet it is not Russians that invented online dating scam, also, it is only about 5% of people registered on these online dating sites that are predator so you see that the chances of you becoming a prey of real scam artists are less than one in ten. 
When venturing into the process of dating online, your common sense should be alert and should prevent you from falling into such trap. Furthermore, some articles discussed and revealed the way some of these men or women use in acquiring from their targets. Most online dating scam artists are female or they may be pretender claiming to be one. Well, I will also state that even while been very careful, these scam artists could be very cunning at times and probably we might still fall into some of their traps. Should in case such event occurs, what are the necessary step needed to take to avoid others falling into the same trap. 
I am going to discuss the possible step that you can take to so as to assist others from falling into the same trap you have fallen into. The internet may be a wide network for international players but yet the word online dating scam spreads quickly like the fire. If you have it in mind that the telephone was a very good tool for communication, well, the internet is just very much as good and most times even much faster sometimes if you know the right place to visit to locate the information you need. If probably you fall into a scam trap and you wish to stop scam artists from getting richer while their victim gets poorer use the list below.

However, please do take this responsibility very seriously, if you are treated badly or wronged but probably not scammed do not report this. Remember online dating scam occurs when a certain person claims he/she loves you and promises to come down to your country and in return asked you for money but didn't keep the promise or any similar instances of money being collected from you by this person and later turned out he/she is not who they claim.

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In conclusion, it is obvious you will encounter scams when you being working on the internet, and obviously to some people they may not. The key to staying safe online is making research, and as always, stay alert. If you meet a certain individual and you get an uneasy knot within you as if you hear something saying within you, "This is way too good to be true." Please take note, it probably could be a scam.