How to protect yourself from online dating scams

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HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM ONLINE DATING SCAMSIt can be very complicated to find that true love everyone is looking for and most of all in today's hectic society. Meeting that special person the old fashioned way like meeting at the bar or a social gathering do take much more time and sometimes could be very disappointing. Nevertheless, the internet can be a very useful tool these days and you are in search of that special person. 
Also, the internet could also be unfavorable when in search of that special person because it is also a haven for scam artist which could lead to some unpleasant experiences when during the process. Using the internet for such process requires a lot of cautiousness and you need to be very alert. To stay safe, here are some tips you can follow to avoid falling into any form of scam trap.
Ask for webcam conversation: It is actually one thing to upload a picture so attractive on the internet, but it is impossible to pull that off when on a cam. You can ask her for a webcam conversation, webcams cost only a few dollar and there shouldn't be an excuse why she can't afford to get one. Should she be making up excuses on why she can't talk on webcam with you, then you might rather consider taking a step back? 
Take time to know her: Before letting her get so intimate with you and before you get so carried away, take enough time to know many things about her, if she states she works at a certain place and holds a certain position, ask questions about their profession. She should be able to give answers to basic questions and decent discussion without getting back to you.
Look out for spellings and basic grammatical errors: Although a legitimate member seeking for love could also make spelling and basic grammatical errors may be due to their level of education but this could also assist you to point out if you are walking into a scam. This will indicate the scam artist is not writing in his/her native language
Stay calm and alert: Don't let the beautiful pictures uploaded deceive you. Whenever she comes up with a conversation about you sending her money, stay calm and find a way to snap out of the conversation until when you can be certain about him. 
Love is supposed to be built on honesty and trust and these online dating scam artists use this avenue to try and explore your greatest weakness. You can protect yourself and avoid online Russian dating scams if you follow the guideline listed above. If you are on the lookout for Russian dating bride, there are many scam free Russian dating sites around.