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AVOIDING RUSSIAN DATING DECEIVERSRussian dating scams are a problem recognized worldwide but these days it is much easier to protect yourself by following simple guidelines. Knowing what to look for and how to recognize the more common patterns used you can still find genuine Russian brides and form meaningful relationships with help from the internet.
The number one rule is something that should be applied internet-wide. Keeping your personal information secure and using third party payment options where possible to protect credit card details can't be enforced enough. If you have one, use a post office box or similar address which is much more anonymous than your home for any sign-up details you may have to provide wherever possible as well as any initial romantic correspondence.
If available use a website like Money bookers or PayPal to make his transaction with the agency. Complete a thorough search on the agency before dealing with them. Dating scams rely on users being uninformed and they can often be simple to uncover. Use a search engine to look for the agency and complaints or reviews preferably from men. Chances are that if you find a list of disgruntled ex-clients there could be more to the situation than love gone badly.
Using a look-up website such as will let you look up any website information. With this, you can find out the country of establishment and even the address. It's wise to tread carefully with Russian or Ukrainian based dating agencies. Generally, it's a good idea to stick with those listed as operating from within your own country or other Western countries. This will not only reduce the scam risk, it means that they will be more likely to be prosecuted and/or shut down if they break the law. You can search for with the Better Business Bureau in the U.S. for complaints filed or prosecution.
When you find an agency be wary of the catalogs or listings and try to approach any contact with a cautious mind. Don't assume the woman is a charlatan but be aware that there is always a chance. If the woman you are courting with appears very quickly interested in monetary or other gifts be alert that this is a red flag and could indicate a scam. You will discover that most women who use these sites are successful and educated, so don't fall for stories that play to your ignorance of the country or culture.
If you find yourself targeted by much younger women proceed with caution. Even if they are legitimate contacts, they may be more interested in your citizenship than your personality. If she is interested in traveling to you but cannot afford the trip, do not send money directly. Offer to organize tickets and money transfers with appropriate authorities instead. Show sympathy only if you're presented with a health issue for her or her family. If she's supposedly in debt to a crime organization there is some chance that she operates from within that organization.
Try to talk to women over video chat software online so that you can see her and check her identity matches her photograph. Also, make sure Russian women especially have their best photographs on display that are possibly professional shots, but if there is any type of difference or she refuses then you must be very careful if you proceed.
Look out for online blacklists that will list details of women known to cause problems for male suitors. Essentially, do your research and be fully informed of the risks and popular dating scam methods that may operate as a Russian dating agency. Find a legitimate introduction agency and protect yourself at every step.