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TIPS ON HOW TO DETECT SCAMS ON ONLINE DATING SITESOnline dating is a familiar platform to a huge amount of people all around the world. Due to the busy schedule and many more situations, online dating has become a way for men and women to come together and find love. It is one of the modern day platforms to help the male and female folks to get attach and form a formidable long life together.
There are many well-mannered and honest Russians looking for love through Online dating site. Yet, just like there are many well-intentioned Russian, you can find as many dishonest folks lurking around on most Russian dating site stalking their prey. However, you can identify a Russian dating scam even before you fall into one if you know the exact things to look out for.

Falling for you so quickly
A visible sign you may be falling a victim of Russian dating scams is through quick love. You joined a Russian dating site and almost immediately, a young beautiful lady say she is head over heels in love with you. Normally, it is a common phenomenon for two different people to meet and develop their love real quickly through the internet. 
However, this young woman who you met over a couple of days and you exchange a couple of emails and then she claim she is willing to leave her life and come wherever you are to spend her whole life with you. Then you should probe a little further. Knowing a little bit of how the process works will greatly assist you to avoid the trap of online dating scams.
Initially, dating doesn't just happen, it should be a gradual process of two people, the name and the female folk coming together. Again, they don't just attach together, there should be a process of getting to know each other. Most Russian women will not immediately speak out their feelings and then ask you to send them money to come and join you. 
If you have a woman who knows a little about your life or about you and you haven't even gotten that chance to know much about us as well and she is ready to leave her country to move to your country then there is every reason for you to be very careful

Get a message from the unknown
Another way you can determine if you are walking into a Russian dating scam is a message from an unknown beautiful woman. You should tread more carefully at women who make the first contact with you, actually, those messages could be from women who find you simply handsome or interesting and wanted to know more about you but that doesn't mean you should be carried away as Russian dating scams may be lurking around the corner. 
They handpick their targeted man who they think is more likely to fall victim to their antics by first sending a message. This will hand them the power in the deal since they know your need and your willingness and they will use every antic they have got to lure you into the scam. These women do appear extremely attractive and could instantly attract you. She will look so perfect and possibly strike you as too good to be true. You have to be very careful not to get carried away with these qualities as these are the ways Russian dating scams lure so many intelligent men into their trap. 
You may think you are talking to a beautiful woman and you might along the way fall in love with this person you think you are communicating to at the other end. You can avoid falling into the trap by simply treading carefully when you find yourself in a situation like this where a woman initiates contact with you. It is best you stay alerted until you know she is actually who she claim she is and she is also a legitimate member of Russian dating site seeking for love.

Demanding for money
When you get to a situation when the woman who claims to love you shortly followed with the request for money then you can be very certain you are walking into a Russian dating scam. There can be many ways in which they can make their demand but the most frequent of it is demanding for money to travel down to your country. She may talk about how she would love to marry you and then proceed to how she can come to your country so you can get married and if only she had the money for the flight it would have been easy. She may cunningly talk about money, therefore, putting you in a tight corner to offer to send her the money. In this way, you may think it is your choice and she didn't ask you directly whereas it was all set up to get you in that situation. The best way to possibly avoid this kind of situation to stay alerted. 
There are various other ways in which you can simply identify when walking into a Russian dating scam which includes inconsistencies in messages, fake pictures, asking for another mode of communication, indisposition towards sharing information. When on a Russian dating site, keeping both the eye and the mind open can assist you to avoid Russian dating scam. In a bid to assist Russian Dating users, Russian online dating site frequently post-identity of potential Russian dating scams on the Russian dating site backlist, this can also assist you to identify